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Greater Valley EMS regrets to announce the passing of Deputy Chief and Operations Manager Erin Nicole Covey.


On behalf of Chief Hall, the GVEMS Board of Directors and the entire staff, we thank the community for their support during this difficult time. Erin’s contributions to this agency and community are numerous, and her memory will forever live on it all of our hearts.

Greater Valley EMS, Inc. is a non-profit emergency medical service based in Sayre, PA.  For over 50 years, we have provided high quality, state of the art patient care to those we serve.  Greater Valley EMS was founded in 1948 as the Sayre Fire Department Ambulance Corps.  The organization began providing rescue services in 1955 and were one of the first agencies in the area to have a set of the Jaws of Life in the early 1970s.  In 1964, SCUBA search and recovery was added to the services that we offered.  Greater Valley EMS became the name of the organizatin in 1989, recognizing the split from Sayre Fire Department and the service that we provide to the area.  In 1995, GVEMS began to offer wheelchair van services to the area.  The organization moved to 904 N. Lehigh Avenue in 1996.  In November of 1999, the organization merged with Guthrie EMS, to create the large service area that we have today.   


For a list of services we provide, please visit our SERVICES page for more information.


Meet the Chief:

Derrick Hall, BSA, NRP

Appointed in July of 2015, Chief Hall serves as the Chief/Executive director.  Hall has been a member of GVEMS since 1998.  He initially joined as a Junior Member and has held a variety of positions since that time, including as a staff EMT, paramedic, and Rescue officer.  Prior to his position as Chief, Hall served as the Operations Manager from 2012 to 2013 and then as the interim Executive Director from December 2013 through July 2015.  He is a Nationally Registered Paramedic and a Pennsylvania Department of Health EMS instructor.

If you are looking to contact our Chief, please email hall_derrick@gvems.org or call (570) 888 - 6000 ext. 233.

Meet the Deputy Chief:

Erin Covey, NRP

Appointed in August of 2018, Deputy Chief Covey serves as the Duty Chief of Operations where she is responsible for the operations and training of the organization. Covey has been a member of GVEMS since 2005 and has been serving as an operations supervisor and the agency's Training Coordinator since 2011.  She founded the organization's Training Institute in 2012 and serves as the Administrative Director.  She is a Nationally Registered Paramedic and a Pennsylvania Department of Health EMS instructor.

If you are looking to contact our Deputy Chief, please email covey_erin@gvems.org or call (570) 888 - 6000 ext. 227.